Foto-Foto Pengaruh Global Warming Terhadap Situs Dunia (Photos of Global Warming Influence the World Heritages)

1. Ketika Global Warming melanda China (Global Warming In China)

2. Ketika Global Warming Melanda Amerika (Global Warming Hit US)

3. ketika global warming melanda Perancis (Global Warming In france)

4. ketika global warming melanda rushmore mountain (global warming in rushmore mountain)

5. Ketika Global warming melanda venice, italia (global warming in venice, italia)

6. ketika global warming melanda Rio de jeneiro, brazil (global warming in brazil)

7.ketika global warming melanda kutub utara (global warming in north pole)

8. ketika global warming melanda Londong, UK(global warming in london, UK)

(thanks to worldnewsupdate)

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